PurO3 Tooth & Gum Support Tubes

Convenient one ounce tubes. Ozonated olive oil with organic flavors for improved taste. And it's fluoride free! May be helpful for: Soothing minor irritations and freshening the teeth and gums.

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PurO3 Tooth & Gum Support is a limited ingredient combination of ozonated organic olive oil and ozonated organic hemp oil with organic peppermint for improved taste. That's it. No extra ingredients or fluoride.

With these one ounce tubes, you can take Tooth & Gum Support to work, school or keep it around the house. It's also available in two ounce jars.

Why Tooth & Gum Support?

Ozonated olive oil has been recommended recently by a growing number of health practitioners as a great support for gums and teeth, plaque removal, and more. We combined ozonated olive oil with ozonated hemp oil for even better possibilities.

Ozonated Olive Oil and Ozonated Hemp Oil: We use the highest quality organic hemp oil and unrefined organic extra virgin olive oil. PurO3's cold production and medical oxygen combine to the highest quality ozonated products available. Our oils are fully ozonated for maximum effectiveness and our hemp oil contains no THC.

Organic Peppermint Oil: Peppermint oil has antiseptic properties which is one of the reasons you see it in a lot of dental care products. It can also fight bad breath and ease tooth aches, and it improves the taste of Tooth & Gum Support.


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Organic olea europaea (olive) oil*, Cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil*, Piperita (peppermint) oil*, Activated oxygen (ozone) *Organic


Apply Tooth and Gum Support with a dental pick, cotton swab, or dental floss. For dental pick applications, use the pick to scoop the oil and pick it between the teeth or directly on the affected area.


For cotton swab applications, scoop the oil with the swab and apply directly to the affected area and let the swab rest. For dental floss applications, coat the floss with the oil and slide the floss between the teeth.


PurO3 Tooth and Gum Support has a medium shelf life, which is why refrigeration may be necessary for irregular usage. If you plan on using all of the product within one to two months, refrigeration is not necessary.

* Organic
PurO3 Ozonated Olive Oil is considered a medium strength oil. Hemp oil has the highest strength of any oil we offer. This product has more olive oil than hemp, so it is ideal for the gums.

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