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Outside Sales Reps

Outside Sales Reps

Do you love PurO3 products?

If you want to see your local health food store or health practitioner carry PurO3 products we have a fantastic solution. Become an independent sales representative for PurO3 and help spread the word while getting paid. No experience is necessary and no business license is required.

How does it work?

When you visit a business and win their interest, you’ll provide our distributorship agreement for them to fill out. Once they’re approved, you’ll show them how to place online orders through the wholesale portal. You’ll then get 10% for all orders and recurring orders placed by the business. The more you sign up, the more you can make!

How do we track sales and how do payments work?

When you sign up a business, they are added to a customer group in your name. This allows us to accurately track sales and commissions. At the end of each month we will tally up your sales and pay you via PayPal if you've earned over $250. If you haven't reached $250 per payment period yet we will pay you quarterly. You will be considered an independent contractor, not an official employee of PurO3, so every year you’ll receive a 1099 for tax purposes.

Becoming an independent sales representative with PurO3 is a great way to promote products you believe in and earn from every order your sign ups make.

Who can benefit from this program?

Our sales rep program is ideal for those who:

Love PurO3 products
Enjoy talking to people
Have a knack for sales
Are good communicators
Want to make money
Like to make their own hours

Sales Rep Packages

We offer several pre-made sales packages exclusively for our Outside Sales Reps. These sales packages offer some of our best selling products aimed towards helping you provide samples for future wholesale accounts. Once you're approved and have been confirmed, you'll have access to those packages.

Ready to get started?