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If you see (loading) above, you need to login to your retail account and refresh this page.

Welcome back!

Have points? If you have 500 or more and want to redeem them, click the Rewards button at the bottom left of your browser. You'll get a discount code you can use during checkout.

Use the button launcher to refer your friends and get a coupon for both of you. For more information, check the FAQ at right (desktop) or below (mobile).


Just create a retail (default) account and order products. You'll receive ten points for every dollar you spend. Points are added after an order ships. You can also earn for referrals, social media shares and more.

Ways to earn

  • Place an order: 10 points for every $ spent
  • Click in a newsletter email: 5 points (this is in our newsletters only, not order emails from the store. Limited to 4 each month).
  • Write a review: 100 points (limited to 1 each month)
  • Upload a video or photo to your review
  • Signup at PurO3: 50
  • Like or share on Facebook from the launcher: 25 (1 each month for shares)
  • Follow on Instagram from the launcher: 25


At the bottom of the launcher you will see a Refer your friends section. Simply copy the url and click one of the icons to share it. You can also paste the link into an email or on social media to earn points.

Your referral will be offered a first time 10% discount. Once they place their order, you will also receive a 10% discount on a future order.


Login to your account and click on the Rewards box. This will appear at the bottom left of your screen on a desktop or iPad/tablet, or elsewhere on the bottom of a mobile phone screen. If you aren’t logged in, simply click the Rewards tab and it will tell you how you can earn points. (Note: Reward Points are for retail customers only.)

You will also see how many points you have once you have some, as well as how to redeem when you have enough.

Please note that Reward Points are for retail customers only. If you are logged in as a wholesaler, this box will not appear.

This button appears on the bottom left of the screen. To see your current points, make sure you're logged in to your retail account.

On mobile you will only see the icon.

Once you are logged in and click the tab, you'll see how many points you have, If you have enough points to redeem, a redeem button will show.

You can use the slider to choose the discount amount you want based on your points. Once redeemed you can either copy your code or hit Apply to automatically apply it to your cart (if you already have products in it). If you are on the cart page, you may need to hit refresh to see the discount applied.

If you decide to use your code later, you can view your past rewards in the launcher any time.


Points are not transferable, but if you want to use your points to buy oils for someone else, you absolutely can.


Reward Points are designed as a thank you for placing online orders and as such, they can't be used during a phone order. You will however accrue points when you place a phone order as long as you have a PurO3 account.


You can use reward coupons on upcoming autoships. Simply redeem some points to get your coupon. Then go to My Account and the Subscriptions tab and click the Edit button for the subscription you want. Under that is an option to apply a coupon code to your next shipment.

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