PurO3 Tooth & Gum Support Samples

Try out PurO3 Tooth and Gum Support and find the right taste for you. Samples come in a 5 ml BPA-free container.

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Try Tooth & Gum Support and you'll know which flavor suits you best.

These 5mL samples are the perfect way to see which of our Tooth & Gum Support options you really want. Tooth & Gum Support is made of organic ozonated olive oil and is available in three flavors.

Try one or all three by using the product options above.

You can also try samples of our standard ozonated oils.

Samples are not returnable.


Organic ozonated olive oil, organic ozonated hemp oil, flavors depending on selection


The best way to apply ozonated olive oil to your teeth and gums is to use a softpick or cotton swab. Store below 80F/26C. For long term storage keep refrigerated.

* Organic
The Potential Ozonide Index shows how much ozone a particular oil can hold.

Coconut (14) -- Castor (35) -- Jojoba (39) -- Avocado (90)--Olive (92) -- Sunflower (153) -- Hemp (192)

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