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PurO3 Tooth & Gum Repair Kit

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Take your oral health to the next level with our Tooth & Gum Repair Kit.

This kit combines our popular Ozonated Tooth & Gum Support with moldable mouth trays, allowing for a custom fit to expose more of your mouth to ozonated oil. Use the tray to hold the oil in place for a longer period of time and enjoy greater absorption and exposure.

This is the ideal kit for those who are serious about their teeth and gums.

This kit includes:

Two 1oz tubes of Tooth & Gum Support with Peppermint

Two moldable mouth trays

Ozone Tooth & Gum Repair Kit

How to use the Repair Kit

BOIL IT: Submerge the moldable mouth tray in boiling water for 20 seconds. Be sure the entire tray is covered and do not let the sides fold in.⁠

MOLD IT: Using a teaspoon, remove the tray and dip it in ice water for one second, then immediately put it in your mouth around your teeth. Try to suck out any air and water and gently bite down for 30 seconds.⁠

SOAK IT: Remove the tray and put it back in ice water for several minutes to let it harden.⁠

APPLY OIL: Liberally apply PurO3 Tooth & Gum Support oil to your indentation on the mouth tray. Place tray on the arch of the mouth that was used to form the tray. Leave on for 15 minutes or longer.⁠

After these steps you can sleep with the tray in, go on a run, or do anything else you need to do. Get yours today!⁠

About Tooth & Gum Support

PurO3 Tooth & Gum Support is made from fully ozonated organic olive oil and ozonated organic hemp oil with your choice of flavors. There's no fluoride or extra ingredients.

Recently, ozonated olive oil has been recommended by several well known health practitioners as an excellent support for teeth and gums, for plaque removal and for other uses. We combined it with a little ozonated hemp oil to make it even better.

Ingredients and Usage

Simple, safe and pure ingredients:

With Peppermint: Organic olea europaea (olive) oil*, Cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil*, Piperita (peppermint) oil*, Activated oxygen (ozone) *Organic

PurO3 Ozonated Olive Oil is considered a medium strength oil. Hemp oil has the highest strength of any oil we offer. This product has more olive oil than hemp, so it is ideal for the gums.


PurO3 Tooth and Gum Support has a medium shelf life, which is why refrigeration may be necessary for irregular usage. If you plan on using all of the product within one to two months, refrigeration is not necessary.

Ozone Oil Mouthpiece

More about our oils

Ozonated Olive Oil and Ozonated Hemp Oil: Only the highest quality organic unrefined extra virgin olive oil and organic hemp oil is used when making PurO3 Tooth & Gum Support. PurO3 utilizes an all-glass cold production process combined with medical oxygen to produce the highest quality ozonated oil on the market today. The oil used in PurO3 Tooth & Gum Support is fully ozonated for maximum strength. There is no THC in our hemp oil.

Benefits of Organic Peppermint Oil: Peppermint oil is known for its antiseptic properties which is why it's a useful ingredient in dental care products. It has been shown to help alleviate tooth aches and fight bad breath by reducing the presence of hazardous germs.