PurO3 Ozonated Hemp Oil - 1 or 2 oz

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PurO3 infuses omega-rich organic hemp oil with activated oxygen (Ozone) forming a water-resistant, oxygen-rich gel. Excellent for swimmers. The strongest PurO3 oil available.
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Hemp oil is high in omegas and when combined with ozone it forms an oxygen-rich, water-resistant, honey like consistency.  Very popular with swimmers. Available in one or two ounce jars.

Hemp oil has a 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, which is believed to help reduce acne, eczema and psoriasis symptoms.  

It also includes Vitamin E and Vitamin D, can act for some as a natural sunblock and has properties of anti-inflammation some other oils don't have.  It is used in cosmetics for skin lesions and blotches and it doesn't easily clog pores.

Note:  This oil is very strong and may not be suitable for those with sensitive skin. Our organic hemp oil does not contain THC.

PurO3 features:

  • Fully ozonated oils
  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Cold ozone production with a high purity oxygen source
  • Glass packaging
  • Refrigerated storage
  • No fillers or stabilizers
  • No preservatives
  • 100% all natural and safe
  • Made in the USA

About PurO3 Activated Oxygen/Ozone: PurO3 uses a revolutionary new ozone technology called microfluidic platform technology fed with an ultra pure oxygen source. What makes this method special is the pure form of ozone produced without any heat. This allows PurO3 to provide the highest quality ozonated oil products on the market today.

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Cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil*, activated oxygen (ozone). *Organic


Apply PurO3 Hemp to the affected area one or two times daily or as instructed. Because it takes longer to absorb into the skin compared to some of the other ozonated oils, it may be good to put a bandage over it to keep it on the skin.


PurO3 Hemp has a medium shelf life, which is why refrigeration may be necessary for irregular usage. If you plan on using all of the product within six months, refrigeration is not necessary.

The Potential Ozonide Index shows how much ozone a particular oil can hold. Hemp's POI is 192.

Coconut (14) -- Castor (35) -- Jojoba (39) -- Avocado (90) -- Olive (92) -- Sunflower (153) -- Hemp (192)
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  • Great spot treatment

    Posted by Dianna on Nov 12th 2018

    Ive been struggling with cystic acne for the last 2 years that popped up as an adult- this has litterally halted it in its path. I use the jojoba daily and the hemp as a spot treatment when something pops up and it helps to dry it right up.
    I have noticed a general drying effect on my skin though so Im compensating with extra moisturizer. Besides that this was a miracle for me and works consistently when all the other otc products have done nothing at all. I reccommend it every chance I get!

  • excellent

    Posted by Diane on Oct 19th 2018

    Excellent Hemp Oil remove painful swollen lymph nodes.

  • A godsend!

    Posted by Penny on Sep 8th 2018

    My Dad and a neighbor both suffer from Tri-geminal Neuralgia. If you don't have it, you probably don't know what it is, but it is a horrible, stabbing, nerve pain in the face. My neighbor says it's worse than giving birth, and there's really no pain killer that touches it. This summer we've had fires and the smoke got bad and that set both of them off something terrible. I got the Hemp for my Dad to try and he said it worked! It's not 100% (but nothing is for this), but it helped keep him going instead of putting him in a dark room where he moaned and cried in misery. My neighbor wanted to try a bit of mine, next day she called and wanted her own jar! She's sold, he's sold and I now have extra on hand so they don't run out! I also gave a bit to my nephew who had his tonsils out. He didn't like the way the drugs made him feel and was trying to tough it out (he's 6!), so I gave him some of the hemp and told him to put it on this throat to help him through. He did still use tylenol, but it made it so he didn't have to take the super drugs he didn't like. He did complain it stinks, though :-)

  • Incredible!

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 24th 2018

    Incredible oil, but strong odor. Otherwise, completely worth the purchase.

  • Wow

    Posted by Nat on Feb 4th 2018

    This product has blown me away, I put this stuff right on my face before bed and I wake up with glowing fresh looking skin, I try allot creams and name brands but nothing has done what this does. I does stink like crazy but it's worth it to me.

  • Hemp oil

    Posted by Beverly Phillips on Jan 1st 2018

    The hemp oil has the strongest odor, but my skin condition has improved.

  • Excellent

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 3rd 2017

    I am a skeptic. But, I did some homework using many sources, so decided to try this. I am susceptible to fungal infections, and am always looking for products which might be more effective. I now use both the hemp and the sunflower ozonated oils, and have found them to truly improve my body's ability to fend of the infections, yet I also do still use a couple of other products which have at least helped a little. I have now found it possible to stop early skin infections before they start; actually make headway on eliminating a toenail infection; and lightly place some below my nose once a day to prevent upper respiratory instances. I am pleased with the improvements.

  • Hemp oil helps

    Posted by Karen on Jul 31st 2017

    I like everything about the hemp oil. This oil stops the itch caused by eczema and heals the rash. It also helps my nails and cuticles. I like the strong ozone scent. Just be careful when opening the jar, it spills easily.

  • Love the Hemp Oil

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 21st 2016

    Love the Hemp Oil. Had a cut on my foot and rub some on it daily and it healed in 3 days. Husband who works in the sun has scabs on his arms and he rubs the oil on day and night and the arms look smoother. I feel good and have no doubt in putting this oil on my grandkids when they have a scrap as it is healthy and it doesn't sting like store products.

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