PurO3 Ozonated Olive Oil - 2 or 4 oz

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PurO3 saturates organic olive oil with activated oxygen (ozone) to form a soothing, oxygen-rich skin salve. Ozonated olive oil has been popular for decades as a natural skin product.
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PurO3 Ozonated Olive Oil combines organic, cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil and ozone, giving you an oxygen-rich, soothing salve.  Ozonated olive oil is popular all over the world for a variety of uses.  Available Unscented or with Lavender. Also available in one ounce tubes.

Olive oil is used by many companies as a lead ingredient in soaps, lotions and cosmetics.  Extra virgin olive oil comes from the first pressing of the olive fruit, making it the purest extract available.  That is the type we use with PurO3 Ozonated Oils.

Why PurO3 Ozonated Olive Oil is better:

  • Fully ozonated oils:  Oils that haven't been ozonated enough remain liquid even after they are refrigerated.  PurO3's oils are fully saturated, with as much ozone as the oil can hold, creating a soothing salve.

  • Certified organic ingredients:  We only use 100% organic, cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil.

  • Cold ozone production with a high purity oxygen source:  Some oils are ozonated with high heat machines and low quality oxygen.  PurO3 uses only medical grade oxygen and ultra pure ozone.

  • Glass packaging:  No risk of BPA from plastic liners or plastic break-down over time.

  • Refrigerated storage:  Our oils are frozen before they are shipped to you, so they keep their potency longer.  Refrigerated oils can last up to ten years.  We've found that even at room temperature, our oils can last up to a year.

  • Pure:  No fillers, stabilizers, GMOs, preservatives or binders.  Simple, safe and pure.

  • 100% all natural and safe:  No hidden ingredients.

  • Made in the USA

PurO3 Ozonated Olive Oil is powerful and fully saturated with ozone.  It is made in the USA under strict controls using only organic and natural ingredients.  There is a reason PurO3 is the leader in ozonated oils.

Ozonated olive oil has been used for over a century and was once sold by famed inventor Nikola Tesla.  People around the world have used it on a wide variety of skin problems with great success, and in some places veterinarians are now recommending it for use on animals.  View our Reviews above for what our customers have to say.

About PurO3 Activated Oxygen/Ozone: PurO3 uses a revolutionary new ozone technology called microfluidic platform technology fed with an ultra pure oxygen source. What makes this method special is the pure form of ozone produced without any heat. This allows PurO3 to provide the highest quality ozonated oil products on the market today.

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Olea Europaea (olive) oil*, Activated Oxygen (Ozone). *Organic

Additional Ingredients:

With Lavender: lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil*

How to Use:

Apply a good dab to the affected area two to three times daily or as needed. When the salve is applied it will melt and absorb into your skin. To speed up the melting process, rub the oil into the affected area.


Olive has a medium shelf life which is why refrigeration may be necessary for irregular usage. If you plan on using all of the product within 6 months, refrigeration is not necessary.

The Potential Ozonide Index shows how much ozone a particular oil can hold. Olive's POI is 92.

Coconut (14) -- Castor (35) -- Jojoba (39) -- Avocado (90) -- Olive (92) -- Sunflower (153) -- Hemp (192)
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  • Great

    Posted by Suss on Aug 12th 2018

    Love this one for the texture easy to apply..... use it for all kinds of skin issues...... it works great!!!! Had vertical chilitis (cracked corners on mouth....tried the standard care and three trips to a dermatologist kept comming back), got this and wala success!!! I also use the teeth gel and its amazing too!

  • Takes time...

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 14th 2018

    ...But it's worth it. I have been using the unscented olive oil on a (likely fungal) rash. It has been encouraging to watch it fade. As far as customer service, I have been very pleased with the Pur03's quick shipping, good products, rewards points, and just being an honest company that does its best for customers.
    (One thing I would like in the larger jars is scent.) But, I am happy to get a product that seems to be helping me.

  • A forever skin care product

    Posted by Natalie on Jun 3rd 2018

    Im obsessed with this stuff, makes my skin look so soft and glowy, i even put it on my who-ha and let me tell you, wonderful, kills bad bacteria, never clogs my pores, love it

  • got rid of fungus

    Posted by bennett on Feb 12th 2018

    After many attempts with various over the counter and natural remedies, Pur03 got rid of the fungus growing up my leg...the effect was noticeable immediately but it took some time for the skin to clear up and heal

  • Haven't had time to see results yet

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 12th 2017

    The product is of good quality and I'm eager to see how it works on my psoriasis and various skin irritations.
    So far the only complaint I have is the smell. Not much can be done about it because ozone has a strong smell, but if you have sensory issues this product may not be a good choice for you. I can't use it on or anywhere near my face, which is one of the main places I wanted to apply it. I'm sad about that and I hope there's a way to somewhat mask the smell in the future.
    I also advise not going with basic shipping, as the company used to ship via this method has a long history of being very hit or miss.

  • Great Stuff

    Posted by Mike on Jun 26th 2017

    I have had an issue with toenail fungus for years and have tried various products unsuccessfully. Tried the olive Oil and within a couple days there was a noticeable difference. We now use it for many skin related issues. My wife also uses the coconut oil on her face and loves it. Great products.

  • So soothing

    Posted by Debra W on Jun 7th 2017

    I really like this oil it is so soothing for my needs. I only wish it would heal more. Maybe in time it may. Also trying the hemp and really like it as well.

  • Relief

    Posted by Dina on Jun 5th 2017

    Been using this product on my dermatitis and it works great. It soothes the itch and moisturizes the skin at the same time, plus it's all natural, which is important to me when doctors only concern themselves with throwing toxic pharmaceuticals at you. Waiting to try the hemp oil.

  • Miracle ointment!

    Posted by Cherie on Oct 20th 2016

    I have been recommending this to patients for years, after seeing the amazing results myself. One patient calls it "miracle ointment!" Another child healed her entire body from a very severe case of eczema. It is helpful for any kind of skin condition: fungus, psoriasis, cysts, abscesses, the list goes on. The smell is strong but everyone agrees.... it is totally worth it! Don't know what I would do without this product.

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