PurO3 Ozonated Oil Samples - Try Them First

Try the oils before you buy. Now you can get small trial sizes of every oil we make so you'll know exactly what you like. Samples come in a 5 ml BPA-free container.
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Want to try our activated oxygen oils?  Get some samples and find exactly what you're looking for.

These samples come in 5mL BPA-free plastic containers and are perfect for trying out our ozonated oils.  Just choose the one you want above.

Note: You can also try samples of our Tooth & Gum Support. If you'd like to try all of our ozonated oils, you can save by buying the Ultimate Sample Pack.

Note:  All sample containers are made of BPA-free plastic. 

For more information on each oil, visit the individual product pages:

You may be interested in our articles, Understanding the scent of ozonated oils or Measuring the strength of ozonated oils.


Varies by oil chosen. See individual product pages for ingredients lists.


Apply generously twice a day or as needed. Store below 80°F/26°C; for long-term storage, keep refrigerated.

The Potential Ozonide Index shows how much ozone a particular oil can hold.

Coconut (14) -- Castor (35) -- Jojoba (39) -- Avocado (90) -- Olive (92) -- Sunflower (153) -- Hemp (192)
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  • Love them..

    Posted by Linda on Feb 4th 2018

    I have tried most of them and personally prefer the unscented.. It smells like the cleanest, freshest air ever.. Some might think it would be greasy.. but believe me, it soaks in and leaves soft smooth skin for hours.. I have already noticed a difference in fine lines and wrinkles.. Great for dry cracked feet also..

  • Results fast! (in less than 48 hours), but still getting used to the smell

    Posted by Sunny Sun on Jan 13th 2018

    I started researching ozonated oils after hearing about it on youtube's holistic habits channel for healing acne scars. I'm over 50, but after a lifetime struggle with acne, I'm always looking for ways to help heal the aftermath, as well as current skin challenges.

    Already fairly well-versed in using facial oils (DIY cold-pressed organic blends), it didn't take much to appreciate the process and products that Pur03 is putting out here.

    I ordered 3 samples to start: Unscented Jojoba (if Vanilla scented jojoba was in stock, I would have ordered this as well), Unscented Sunflower & Peppermint Tooth and Gum. The turnaround time for receiving my order was pretty quick (about 4 days) and I started to experiment immediately with all 3 oils.

    On my face: within 48 hours, the itchy skin and some open sores (due to itching and picking) around my jawline and cheeks has been alleviated, and I have stopped picking. I can tell there is an antibacterial effect, b/c the sting of open skin is gone and the healing of the area has started. I'm looking forward to seeing the hyperpigmentation and scarring decrease.over time. I can already tell there is improvement in the texture and positive response of my skin in general.

    Although I like the higher strength of the sunflower oil, it's way too heavy to use on my face & too greasy-looking with makeup, etc). Not to mention that the smell is too much for me to use near my nose (I'm still in the "getting used to it" phase regarding this point--though not giving up yet!). However, I find that I like the consistency for use in other areas of the body and its use has worked well in the two days since receiving the samples: in my "private parts" area.

    I can handle the lesser intensity of the ozone smell in the jojoba oil on my face- intermittently, and I find that I can combine it nicely with my other facial preparations and makeup. I even found that I can use Cellfood drops (my first purchase of this product was yesterday) as an alternative and/or addition to (mix and match) the pur03 oils.

    The peppermint Tooth and Gum is a nice product as well, but I found that I got nauseous after applying it between several teeth with a tiny brush (as I've done with another tooth and gum product) and ingested a small amount. I changed the way I use it now, and make sure I don't swallow any product... I added several more drops of my own peppermint oil, which I like, and still plan to experiment with it daily.

    With such great initial results with the 2 oils, and being the meticulous person that I am, I'm now curious to try all the oils & experience the range of use and results. I'm thrilled you guys have this option before committing to buying full-sizes.

    Thanks for your great products! I gave the 4 stars (instead of 5) because of the smell issue that has to be dealt with...

  • Pleased with the tooth and gum samples

    Posted by Susan Moore on Sep 20th 2016

    I wanted to try these out of curiosity. Ozone has been used in dentistry and using these different samples has convinced me that a jar of the sweetened peppermint will be a good follow-up after my toothpaste.

  • sunflower, jojoba, and avocado ozonated oil samples

    Posted by Susan Moore on Sep 20th 2016

    I love it that PureO3 allows you to test drive these oils! My daughter and I are thoroughly pleased with the results and will purchase full-sized jars. My daughter used the avocado and the jojoba to clear an outbreak on her forehead. Proactiv could not do this but these two oils did! I used the sunflower for my infected knee. I would either purchase the sunflower or the olive for this condition. I like both! Highly recommended.

  • so far so good

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 25th 2016

    I ordered a sample and so far my skin has reacted well to this product. I am acne prone so am very careful and skeptical about trying new products that claim they won't cause breakouts. So far this has not! The only reason I rated 4 starts instead of 5 is that I haven't seen any dramatic changes in my skin but I haven't been using it that long either and frankly I think dramatic changes are hard to get with topical products with gentle and natural ingredients.

  • Will buy again

    Posted by LFM on Nov 23rd 2015

    The smell takes getting used to, however, the oils are great for healing skin conditions. I will definitely buy again

  • Very good product.

    Posted by Walter on Oct 6th 2015

    Very good product.

  • Great

    Posted by Deanna on Oct 6th 2015

    The customer service was great!!!! Polite and courteous....The sameples were fine and is helpful for my dry lips. The castor oil is a great product. The delivery time was Great just as well. This is a reliable company.

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