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PurO3 Methylene Blue Suppositories - 20 Count

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Methylene Blue Suppositories are designed to deliver the benefits of methylene blue directly to your body in a convenient, easy-to-use form.

These suppositories are formulated for efficient absorption, ensuring that you receive the full potential wellness benefits of methylene blue. This compound has a long history of use in various health applications. Recognized for its potential in supporting cellular health and cognitive function, methylene blue is becoming an increasingly popular wellness supplement.

Unlike oral supplements, suppositories bypass the digestive system, allowing for direct absorption into the bloodstream. This can result in more effective and efficient delivery of the active ingredients.

Methylene Blue

Maintain sharper mental fitness

Our methylene blue is pharmaceutical grade, full of antioxidants that may protect your brain from cognitive decline due to aging.

Improve blood circulation and oxygen flow

Methylene blue is thought to help improve energy production in the mitochondria of your cells to improve oxygen and blood flow to the brain.


Cocoa butter*, methylene blue usp grade. *Organic (10mg per suppository)

Usage and Storage

How to Use: To remove suppository, tear the plastic shell lengthwise beginning at the center perforation at the top. Apply a lubricant if needed before insertion. Use as needed or as directed by your healthcare provider. For rectal use: Insert following a bowel movement. Insert past sphincter muscle. Sometimes after insertion you may have an urge to evacuate. Try to hold for 15 to 20 minutes for best absorption of suppository. For vaginal use: Insert 2 to 4 inches when lying down. Remain in a flat position for at least 30 minutes for best absorption.

Note: Methylene blue is a dye that may stain some materials. This product is not ozonated.

Storage: Store your suppositories in the freezer so they are easier to use and will last longer. Can last for years when frozen.

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