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PurO3 Full Spectrum Relief Balm

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PurO3 Relief Balm is designed to provide exceptional relief of aches, pain and soreness using a limited ingredient formula.

Our relieving balm is a mixture of organic beeswax, organic cocoa butter, and mango butter for the base, and is enhanced with 550mg of full spectrum hemp oil suspended in MCT oil. This full spectrum hemp oil is full of natural ingredients which can help fight pain and inflammation. Organic herb extracts were also added to enhance the product:  

  • Calendula flower – used by many cultures throughout history on wounds to promote healing due in part to its natural antiseptic properties

  • St. John's Wort – commonly used topically for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits

  • Arnica – helps relieve pain related to sprains, muscle pain, and other inflammation

  • Comfrey root – contains allantoin which promotes cell formation

This product contains 550mg full spectrum hemp oil and no THC. You can also try a sample.

Shipping Note: This product cannot be shipped to Canada at this time.

Full Spectrum Hemp Pain Relief Balm

The Process

Our full spectrum hemp oil is extracted from organic industrial hemp grown in Colorado, using the pharmaceutical-grade ethanol process to distill the active ingredients. This is further refined into our full spectrum hemp extract which provides a wide-range of beneficial phytonutrients. These have been shown to provide a range of benefits to those seeking a more natural alternative to aid in addressing a number of issues.

By using this advanced process of ethanol distillation of the hemp plant, we are able to give a product that is safe, effective, and completely non-psychoactive. Ethanol distillation allows us to filter out the majority of non-active ingredients like chlorophyll and plant matter, but also selectively extract the active ingredients of the plant. We can pack in as many medicinal ingredients as possible without THC, ensuring the highest quality for full spectrum hemp oil.

Ingredients and Usage

Simple, safe and pure ingredients:

Olive oil*, Beeswax*, cocoa butter*, mango butter, MCT Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Distillate*, St. John's Wort*, Arnica*, Comfrey Root*, white willow*. *Organic

That's really all there is!

How to Use:

Massage as needed until thoroughly absorbed into skin.