Choosing The Right Oil

Which ozonated oil is right for you?

Each PurO3 product is designed to be useful for a broad range of people. Based on experience and comments from customers, some are better for certain types of skin than others. Take a look below to see what might work best for your needs.

Normal Skin

Normal skin is a little hard to define. In essence, it means you wouldn’t say your skin is overly dry or oily. Dryness and oiliness is rare and easy to handle. Products made for dry skin are too greasy while those made for oily skin are too drying. Pores aren’t obvious or enlarged but are not invisible, either. Skin tone is mostly even, with no redness or browning, and it doesn’t feel dry or too tight at the end of your day. Normal skin doesn’t mean you never have breakouts, a little dryness, wrinkles or sun damage. It just means they’re usually rare and not as persistent.

When it is time to treat your skin, or maintain its health, you don’t usually have reactions to basic cleansers and soaps.

Normal skin can generally use any PurO3 product.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is typically understood as skin that is prone to irritation and itching when using common toiletries and cosmetics. According to a 2006 review article in Contact Dermatitis, 50% of women and 38% of men say they have sensitive skin. Excess dryness or oiliness, stinging sensations and the like can all be parts of sensitive skin.

The barrier designed to keep out irritating substances can be weakened by age, heat, air conditioning, cold weather, harsh chemicals, the sun, big changes in pH and more. When the barrier is weakened, the skin will respond with redness, stinging, blotches, tightness or breakouts.

Stronger PurO3 products like Hemp and Sunflower may be too strong for those with this skin type. Jojoba and Coconut Oil usually top the list for those who need something softer.

Sensitive Skin

For Beauty

When you want something tailored for beauty purposes, the most recommended oils are Coconut and Jojoba.

Jojoba is very similar in composition to the skin’s own oils, making it easy to absorb and unlikely to clog pores.

Coconut is a skin emollient that is often used for dryness and may tighten some areas over time.


First Aid

Bites, scrapes, cuts and other first aid problems often need more power.

Olive Oil is a long-used standby, and has been used for decades around the world.

Sunflower is stronger, while Hemp has the highest Potential Ozonide Index of any ozonated oil we create.

Olive is a salve at room temperature. Sunflower and Hemp are more liquid, and Hemp is water-resistant.

Bug Bite Relief combines all natural ingredients to help relieve the itch and pain of bug bites.

All of these make a great addition to your home’s supplies or for your day trip outdoors.

First aid

Teeth & Gums

Mouth health is enormously important to your body’s overall health. Finding something that has antibacterial and oxygenating properties is an ideal and natural way to target your sensitive gums and teeth.

Ozonated olive oil has recently been recommended by a growing number of health practitioners as a great support for plaque removal and tooth and gum maintenance. Our Tooth & Gum Support contains fully ozonated olive oil and a small amount of fully ozonated hemp oil for extra ozone strength. After consulting with customers, we decided to offer a variety of options, so you can find our Tooth & Gum Support with peppermint, with peppermint and Stevia, or with cherry and Stevia. All of our flavors are natural and organic.

There is no THC in our hemp oil. The combination allows for a slightly stronger ozone content than olive oil alone, and it’s easy to apply to your teeth and gums.


For Your Pets

We all love our pets, even when they suffer from dry skin, cuts, hot spots and flea bites. We have a number of veterinarians and pet owners who use Ozonated Olive Oil on their dogs and cats, even on their teeth. We’ve had people tell us that their dogs with sensitive skin did really well with Jojoba Oil. Sunflower Oil is rapidly growing in popularity as well, and is the strongest of the three.

Some pets love the taste of olive oil, so you’ll want to make sure, if they lick off the oil, they don’t end up making the area raw.

Our Olive Oil was even used for a silverback gorilla at the Woodland Park Zoo who suffered from very dry elbows.

Ask your vet if an ozonated oil might be helpful for your beloved pet.


Body Care

Ozonated oils are great for a wide variety of uses across the body. Olive and Hemp have been found useful for foot and toe issues, and Jojoba and Coconut are popular massage oils.

To find the oil that’s best for your situation, you might want to try our individual samples or our Ultimate Sample Pack. If you have any questions, of course, feel free to let us know.

Body Care