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What's In PurO3?

PurO3 Ozonated Oils are the definition of “limited ingredient” products. With only pure, organic oils and high quality activated oxygen, you know you’re getting a superior, quality natural skin and body care product. Keep scrolling to find out more about each of our oils and ingredients.

Activated Oxygen

Activated oxygen (ozone) is a natural part of the Earth’s atmosphere, and is universally known for its powers to destroy pollutants, viruses, bacteria and free radicals. It is widely used in the bottled water and organic foods industries for purification.

When ozone is bubbled through oil, it is captured and preserved, forming a skin-friendly product that may be used to improve the appearance of your skin.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the most popular oils for natural skin care and has been used for centuries around the world. We use only organic, extra virgin olive oil, the purest extract available.

Olive oil can moisturize the skin and contains Vitamins E and A that can stimulate cells to maintain a smoother, healthier, firmer state.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is extremely popular for massage, hair and skin care. It is prized for dry skin, psoriasis and more, and has important antioxidant properties.

We use only organic coconut oil, which combines with ozone to form a soothing, luxurious cream that is incredibly easy to absorb. This hypoallergenic oil is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is highly nutritious, contains Vitamin E, and has important anti-inflammatory properties. When combined with ozone, it becomes a water-resistant gel and holds more ozone than any other oil we offer.

We use only organic hemp oil, so you can be sure you’re receiving the very best ozonated oil.

Castor Oil

Castor oil has been used around the world for a wide variety of conditions, natural skin care and in Ayurveda. It’s easy to absorb and is known for preventing many yeasts, bacteria and viruses from growing.

We use organic castor oil to create a liquid that is easy to combine with other ingredients, if you so choose.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is a deeply penetrating, moisturizing oil with high levels of Vitamin E and healthy fats. It’s hypoallergenic with natural SPF 3/4 properties and may increase collagen production.

We use organic avocado oil, creating a salve with hemectant properties that make the moisturizing effect last longer.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba has been used for hundreds of years for its variety of potential health benefits. It absorbs easily and penetrates pores without clogging them. It’s great for sensitive skin.

We use organic jojoba oil made from certified organic seeds harvested at their peak in Israel.

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is moisturizing and calming and is popular in cosmetics and medicine for people with inflammation, acne and skin irritations. It is high in Vitamin E and also includes beta-carotene and Vitamin A.

We use organic sunflower oil that becomes an easy to absorb liquid, the second strongest oil we carry.

PurO3 Flavors

Our Tooth & Gum products come in several flavors, including organic peppermint, organic Stevia and organic cherry.

PurO3 Essential Oils

In some oils, we offer added fragrances, like lavender, vanilla or lemongrass. All of our fragrances are made from pure organic essential oils, and are added to provide a more pleasing scent for those who prefer them.

Full Spectrum Hemp

Full Spectrum Hemp is not psychoactive and comes from the cannabis sativa plant. Studies find it can be a powerful antioxidant and may have nueroprotective properties. It may help ease oxidative stress and is non-toxic.