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How to get rid of skin tags

Posted by PurO3 Team

Skin tags are a common issue that are harmless and usually only cause pain if caught on clothing or jewelry. They are essentially benign growths of excess skin on the neck, eyelids, armpits and elsewhere. Some people only get one at a time while others can deal with hundreds.

Skin tags can be a little unsightly, depending on where they are, but aren’t something many people tend to worry about. You definitely want to watch and make sure they don’t grow or change color or texture, as this can mean you have a serious skin problem that needs to be checked out. Never hesitate to check with your physician if it worries you.

If you want to get rid of skin tags, there are several methods you can try. If you have a dermatologist you like you can ask for the tags to be removed. The doctor will clean it and then either freeze, burn or snip it off. If you want to try home remedies for skin tags, these are some of the most popular:

Apple cider vinegar: Dab a little organic apple cider vinegar onto a q-tip and apply to the tag. Do not apply it to the skin around the tag. If you think you might, surround the tag with a little Vaseline to avoid a possible reaction. Some people see tags die and fall off in a few days while it can take a few weeks for others.

Castor oil: Make a paste with castor oil and baking soda, put it on the skin tag and put on a Band-Aid. This can help remove some skin tags in a few weeks.

Tea tree oil: Use a q-tip or cotton ball to apply it to the tag once or twice a day until the tag is gone. This could take a few weeks as well.

The dental floss method: You can try tying some dental floss around the base of the tag, which cuts off the blood supply. In a day or a few days it should fall off.