A Dad's Introduction to Ozonated Oils

A Dad's Introduction to Ozonated Oils

By Marshall Jones - Reading Time: <3 minutes


When I first started working for PurO3 I wasn’t sure what ozone was and knew nothing about ozonated oils. It wasn’t until after I worked here for a few months that I began using any of the oils we produced. Once I started using them, I found having ozonated oils on hand is very useful for myself and my family.

The first PurO3 product my family used was Bug Bite Relief. I received a tube of it right before heading on a vacation to the beach. My daughter is a mosquito magnet and shortly into the trip her skin was peppered with angry-looking red welts. Shortly after applying Bug Bite Relief, the itching stopped and she forgot she had even been bitten. Ever since that time, any bug bite has immediately received some Bug Bite Relief to alleviate the itching and pain.

Ozonated Coconut Oil is the most widely-used oil in my household. As a dad of two girls, it is my go-to oil for every cut and scrape, real or imagined. Whenever one of my daughters requires a Bandaid, she will demand some “medicine” is on it. Even when there is no need for anything, I’m okay with using Ozonated Coconut Oil because it’s so simple and natural.

While cuts and scrapes make up most of the Ozonated Coconut Oil usage in my house, it wasn’t always this way. When I originally brought home a jar of coconut oil, I intended to use it for diaper rash. My daughters both got painful diaper rash. We had been using a normal diaper rash cream, but never liked it. The cream smelled bad, felt horrible on our hands when applying, and both girls complained when we used it. Having learned that Ozonated Coconut Oil is the most gentle ozonated oil we offer, I decided to try it and see if we liked it better. Both of my girls preferred the ozone oil and the lack of pushback for applying it made my life that much easier. They also were excited to use something from “daddy’s work”. The Ozonated Coconut Oil worked so well for us, other family members started using it as well for their children.

Ozonated oils have found a permanent place in my home, but that place is always expanding. I now use Ozonated Sunflower Oil for my dogs’ tooth and gum health and any skin issues they develop. Ozonated Olive Oil has been used on bigger scrapes and cuts that my wife or I experience. As I hear about new ways to use them from customers and coworkers, I will continue to expand how my family uses ozonated oils at home.