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Tackling toe and nail fungus naturally

Posted by PURO3

Toe and Nail Health

PurO3 Toe & Nail Support is a great product if you are dealing with tough fungal issues on the toe and nail. Unfortunately this issue affects far more people than you would think and for some can be a difficult thing to eliminate.

Why are fungal issues so hard to deal with?

There are three types of nail infection: Yeast, Mold and Dermatophyte. Dermatophyte is the most common type of nail fungus and is usually recognized by a yellowing of the nail. The reason it is so difficult to treat is the location. Once the fungus can establish itself it is very difficult to administer medication to eliminate it. The nail bed provides the perfect protected living condition for the fungus.

How do I get nail fungus?

It’s highly contagious, making it easy for anyone to get. Damaged nails in particular are easy entry points when they come in contact with fungus. Diet and your immune system can also play a role. Diets high in sugar and carbs can feed fungus and may raise your risk of catching or developing this problem.

Feet are perfect breeding grounds for fungus

Let’s be frank: Feet stink because shoes can get damp and dark with no air circulation. This is an ideal environment for toe and nail fungus, which thrives in moist environments. This is why it is so important to dry your feet thoroughly after bathing. Sunlight and oxygen help disinfect the skin from fungal issues, which is why sandals are the best footwear to use while dealing with nail fungus. Unfortunately, sandals aren’t always practical and other solutions are often needed.

Why is PurO3 Toe and Nail Support effective?

PurO3 Toe and Nail is designed to penetrate and kill fungus with the active ingredient of ozonated oils. Ozonated oils have been shown to quickly kill fungus through the process of oxidation. Pathogens are unable to develop resistance to oxidation. The penetration mechanism in Toe and Nail is DMSO, which has been shown to allow medications to penetrate far deeper.

The other mechanism is to create an acidic nail bed. Fungus cannot live or reproduce when the environment is acidic. This is why we add ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin C) and caprylic acid (MCT oil) to Toe and Nail Support.

How do I use the product?

This is quite simple. Apply two to three times a day and do not skip applications. Consistency is the key when treating toe and nail fungal issues. Wash and dry your feet regularly and make sure they get plenty of fresh air and sun. In addition, one of the most important things you can do to avoid fungal issues is to trim your nails. This includes cutting off portions of infected nails and will help prevent damage that may lead to future issues.

Can PurO3 Toe and Nail discolor my nails?

Yes, it can, because the main active ingredient is ozonated sunflower oil. Sunflower oil has a yellowish tint, and when applied to the nail the oil can build up and cause discoloring. There is an easy fix if you dislike the way it looks. Simply use some nail polish remover and it will remove the lipid layer from the nail and give it back its natural look. Another option is the use a nail file. This will quickly remove any discoloration. So don’t worry, your discolored nail only has a surface stain that can be easily removed.

What else can I do to treat my toes and nail?

If you have decided to try PurO3 Toe and Nail support you may already be aware of the powers of ozone. Ozone is a gas that is currently being used to treat a wide variety of conditions. It is also incredibly effective for killing just about any pathogen through oxidation. If you currently have an ozone generator and are dealing with fungal issues consider visiting (our sister company) and purchase our ozone therapy limb bag. This will allow you to apply ozone gas directly to the foot to help treat any fungal issues you may be dealing with. Overall, the combination of ozone gas and PurO3 Toe and Nail Support can provide the tools needed to permanently beat any fungal issues.