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PurO3 Jojoba Trio

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Three jars of Ozonated Jojoba Oil... The ultimate Jojoba package.

Enjoy every scent in one package

Save $15 by getting this package. You will receive three 2 ounce jars of PurO3 Ozonated Jojoba Oil, one of each scent. These oils are preferred by those interested solely in beauty and skin softening applications or for people with sensitive skin. You will receive one Unscented, one with Vanilla, and one with Lavender. No substitutions with this set.

Why PurO3 is Better

Fully ozonated oils

Certified organic ingredients

Cold ozone production with a high purity oxygen source: Some oils are ozonated with high heat machines and low quality oxygen. PurO3 uses only medical grade oxygen and ultra pure ozone.

Glass packaging: No risk of BPA from plastic liners or plastic break-down over time.

Refrigerated storage: Our oils are frozen before they are shipped to you, so they keep their potency longer. Refrigerated oils can last up to ten years. We've found that even at room temperature, our oils can last up to a year.

Pure: No fillers, stabilizers, GMOs, preservatives or binders. Simple, safe and pure.

100% all natural and safe: No hidden ingredients.

Made in the USA

Want to know more?

About PurO3 Activated Oxygen/Ozone: PurO3 uses a revolutionary new ozone technology called microfluidic platform technology fed with an ultra pure oxygen source. What makes this method special is the pure form of ozone produced without any heat. This allows PurO3 to provide the highest quality ozonated oil products on the market today.

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