PurO3 Full Spectrum 700mg Menstrual Relief Tincture

Full Spectrum Menstrual Relief has been crafted with 11 organic botanicals to help provide relief of menstrual symptoms.

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PurO3's 700mg Full Spectrum Menstrual Relief Tincture is a soothing combination of full spectrum hemp extract and organic botanicals.

Users have reported help with reducing issues from fibroids and endometriosis, as well as relief from problems associated with heavy menstruation. The blend is designed to help promote hormone balance, tone uterine muscles, and increase circulation. 

The organic botanicals include cramp bark, black haw, cinnamon, maca, mamaki, chamomile, motherwort, fenugreek, passionflower, blue vervain, skullcap. Individually and combined, these botanicals are used to promote circulation while limiting excessive blood flow, aid in menstrual flow regulation and hormone balance, relieve stress, increase sexual function, increase antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, promote relaxation, moderate spasms, relieve pain, and improve mood swings.

Also available in a 1100mg formulation with different botanicals.

Comes in one ounce bottles.

Shipping Note: This product cannot be shipped to Canada at this time.

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Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, MCT and sacha inchi oil* infused cramp bark*, black haw*, cinnamon*, maca*, mamaki*, chamomile*, motherwort*, fenugreek*, passionflower*, blue vervain*, skullcap* * organic


Shake well before each use. Refrigerate after opening. SUGGESTED USE: 6 drops daily, 7 days before your period.

* Organic
Contains 700mg active phytonutrients per bottle. Not ozonated.

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